Our Story

Tyler grew up on Bainbridge Island.  We lost him to suicide in April of 2016. After Tyler died, literally dozens of people have shared sorrowful stories about family members and friends who are struggling with depression and mental illness or who tragically have taken their own lives.  It feels like an epidemic.  

Our Mission

We launched the Tyler Moniz Project to celebrate the extraordinary life Tyler Moniz.  We will carry out this mission by supporting educational and community programs that promote happiness, well-being and hope.   

The Board of Directors helps guide our growth and plans in support of our mission.  

Let's Start a Conversation


Through the Tyler Moniz Project, we want to start a conversation.  We know that suicidal thoughts grow in the darkest, most private, most shame-filled places.  By casting light on this difficult subject and by offering an understanding hand, we want to help people find a way out.  

Everyone deserves to be happy!

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