Conversation Benches




Through the Tyler Moniz Project, we have urged our community to start a conversation about mental health and emotional well-being.  


We are pleased to announce that we have developed a tangible way to get Bainbridge Island talking.

See the map showing current and future bench projects!

For his Eagle Scout Project, student Tyler Pickett partnered with the Tyler Moniz Project to place Conversation Benches in our local schools and parks.  


The first of the Tyler Moniz Project Conversation Benches has been installed at Bainbridge High School (sponsored by the class of 2013 - the year Tyler graduated).


We're thrilled to announce that 10 benches have been installed, with two more pending and plans for 11 more in the future.  

Tyler's favorite color was red, but he always wore blue.  His sister Morgan chose the same vibrant blue of Tyler's favorite shirt for the Conversation Benches. We believe they are beautiful!

Connecting with others and engaging in empathetic conversation is critical to our emotional well-being.  When you sit on a Conversation Bench, we encourage you to engage with the person next to you.  You can meaningfully change another person's outlook simply by asking, "Are you okay?"  It's that easy.  So please, take a seat and enjoy the company and connection a Conversation Bench offers.  

We would love to have your support with this project. Please consider sponsoring one of our benches.

Let's start a conversation!

We have launched a capital campaign to raise $1.4 million to bring a permanent, independent youth coffee shop to Bainbridge Island designed by and for young people, helping them to connect to one another and to counseling, support and other mental health services.


Bainbridge Island needs a welcoming and supportive environment for young people after hours and on weekends -- a safe space where the island's young people may study and have fun while connecting with one another as well as with trained, caring adults.  

We know that Bainbridge youth have unique concerns. The Tyler Moniz Project plans to start with pop up coffee shop programs specially tailored to support Bainbridge young people as we raise funds for a permanent youth coffee shop.


Among other things, we want to help with job training, counseling services, shelters and crisis intervention.  By working together, we can make a difference in our community and in the lives of our young people.  Please consider donating to the Tyler Moniz Project.


A picture is worth a thousand words:





Sadly Tyler is not the only young person Bainbridge Island community has lost to suicide in recent years, or the many more who have attempted to take their own lives or seriously considered it.  One young person who saw this editorial drawing told Lee Moniz, "this is me." 


Grief Support Group


We offer an on-going support group that welcomes parents and grandparents who have lost a child.

The meetings are led by Dr. William Gibson, Ph.D., LCC and Board Member of the Tyler Moniz Project.  


Upcoming meetings are scheduled on:

July or August Date TBA

7 PM

The Bainbridge Pavilion

403 Madison Ave

The TMP Counseling office, Second floor, Down the hallway, behind the gym.

Dates TBA:

Kelsey Lynch MSW will be leading a new support group for families that with members who have attempted suicide or have suicidal ideations.

The TMP Counseling office, Second floor, Down the hallway, behind the gym.

For more information please call 360-900-6094 or email


Tyler Moniz Scholarships

Tyler's family established two annual scholarships in his honor at Bainbridge Island High School.

The Tyler Moniz Project awards a $200 scholarship to a Bainbridge High School wrestling team member who demonstrates outstanding sportsmanship and provides team inspiration.

The second award for $1,000 goes to a graduating senior who has demonstrated good citizenship and kindness.


Scholarship winners in 2017 were Brock Wallace (a senior who is a good, kind citizen) and Nate Michael (a wrestler who inspires the team and exhibits great sportsmanship).  In 2018 Nate Micheal was awarded the senior citizenship/kindness scholarship and Indigo Weappa was chosen for the wrestling sportsmanship/inspiration award.

Tyler Treasures 

One of our favorite projects is "Tyler Treasures."  

The treasures are made by one of Tyler's dear friends. They are not for sale -- they will find you.


Periodically we place them around the island in hopes they will be found and taken home as a reminder that you are important to someone.  

If you have found one of our Tyler Treasures and would like to share, we'd love to hear from you.  Contact Us.


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